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  Upcoming Events

8/23/2016: BAIAD's Monthly Meeting
We have an exciting endorsement meeting on August 23rd. Congressman Mike Honda and challenger Ro Khanna will be speaking with our membership and answering our questions. At the end of the meeting, our members will vote on who BAIAD will support. To vote, you have to be an active member. To activate your membership, please see the following link: http://baiad.org/membership.

Our event will be held Tuesday, August 23rd at the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Headquarters starting at 6:30.

Central County Headquarters
2901 Moorpark Ave., Suite #110
San Jose, CA 95128
Downtown San Jose

There will be a 45 minute panel discussion at 7 p.m. with Mike Honda and a 45 minute panel discussion at 8 p.m. with Ro Khanna. We will vote after both discussions. BAIAD has been serving as a bridge between the California Democratic Party and the San Francisco Bay-Area Iranian American community for over 12 years. This event is an excellent opportunity to discuss your platform with the Iranian-American community.

View the Facebook event here.

Some of BAIAD's Past Events

5/18/2014: US-Iran Relations: Conflicting or Overlapping Interests?: An in-depth analysis of the US-Iran relations: the history, recent changes, challenges, opportunities, plus what to expect in the coming months and years by:

Dr. Mahmood Monshipouri:

  • Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Dept. of International Relations, San Francisco State University
  • Visiting Professor, Middle Eastern Studies/Political Science, University of California, Berkeley
  • Author of a number of books including Democratic Uprisings in the New Middle East (Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2014), and Terrorism, Security, and Human Rights: Harnessing the Rule of Law (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienners Publishers, 2012), among others.

9/16/2012: Iranian-Americans for Obama: About a dozen speakers talked about the upcoming Presidential and Congressional elections to a packed room of 270 people. Keynote speakers were:

  • Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, 9-term member of Congress
  • Jimmy Panetta, Deputy DA of Monterey County and son of Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta
  • Cyrus Habib, an inspiring Iranian-American who at the time was running for Washington State House of Representatives (and went on to win that election).

Read the full report
View event photos on Facebook
Watch the video clips

10/20/2010: Let's Talk Politics: Tea Party, Jerry Brown vs. Meg Whitman, and more: On Election Day in 2008 so many of us were moved to tears about the possibility of a profound shift in American politics from fear to wisdom. Less than 2 years later, Glen Beck -- one of the most extreme fear-mongers in America -- draws a crowd of 100,000 to Washington, DC.

06/09/10: 1 Yr Later: Status of Iran's Green Movement - Lecture By Dr. Ali Ferdowsi

One year after the contentious and disputed presidential elections in Iran:

  • What is the status of the Green Movement in Iran?
  • How is Obama administration's Iran foreign policy helping or hurting
  • that movement?
  • What are the prospects of meaningful pro-democracy reforms in Iran?

05/12/10: Ross Mirkarimi + Are You Ready for the June 8 Elections? We Can Help! Did you know that communities that have a more consistent record of voting in every election yield more power within the American democracy? It is a fact that politicians pay less attention to communities who don't vote consistently.

04/14/10: How to have more Iranian-Americans elected to office?
An important part of being adequately represented in American democracy is having more members of our community elected to public offices. That's why BAIAD is always on the lookout for Iranian-Americans who may be qualified to run for office.

02/10/10: WHAT TO DO WITH IRAN? (Analysis and Q&A)
One year after Barack Obama swore in as President, the path to a solid and effective foreign policy toward Iran seems as unclear as ever. Please join us on February 10 for an analysis by Mr. Hamid Karimi:

  1. Update on status of pro-democracy movement in Iran
  2. West-Iran relations and where it is heading

12/9/09: What would make a minority community strong and influential?
Regardless of how one might answer that question, the answer must include the creation of strong community organizations, because without them we would be just a bunch of individuals doing our own things, yielding little or no influence. To highlight the importance of empowering Iranian-American community organizations as well as the importance of collaboration among our organizations, this will be BAIAD's 2nd in a series of events where we invite other leading community organizations to educate ourselves about them. On Wed, March 10, National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and Iranian American Bar Association (IABA) will join BAIAD for an informative evening about our respective organizations and addressing the question: "What is next for the advancement of the Iranian-American community?"

11/11/09: IRAN - Diplomacy, Sanctions, or War? - a Lecture by Rebecca Griffin
Ms. Rebecca Griffin -- Political Director at Peace Action West -- will speak about her recent trip to Iran and provide an update on US-Iran negotiations and status of congressional attempts to sanction Iran

9/9/09: Dr. Maziar Behrooz: Iranian Election and the Future of US-Iran Relations

9/7/08: Election 2008 - Time for Change? - Guest Speakers: Steve Westly, California Co-Chair of Obama's Presidential Campaign, Former California State Controller, CEO of The Westly Group; and Steve Preminger, Chair of Santa Clara County Democratic Party, Director of Union Community Resources, Producer and Host of the Democratic Television

9/17/06: US-Iran Relations - Guest Speaker: Dr. Abbas Milani, Director of Iranian Studies Program, Stanford University, Research Fellow & Co-Director of Iran Democracy Project, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

9/22/05: Future of US-Iran Relations: How Can This Troubled Relationship Move Towards Peace? - Guest Speaker: Reza Aslan, Research Associate, Center on Public Diplomacy, University of California, and author of "No god but God"

8/14/05: Are We Ready? - A forum about the future of the Iranian-American community. Guest Speakers: Honorable Ross Mirkarimi, Supervisor, District 5, City & County of San Francisco, and Professor Elahe Enssani, Commissioner, San Francisco Immigrant Rights Commission


1/23/05: Iran’s Nuclear Issue, Peering through the Fog of Nuclear Proliferation - Guest Speakers: National Security expert, Dr. Ivan Eland, Director of Defense Policy Studies at the Cato Institute and Principal Defense Analyst at the Congressional Budget Office; and Dr. Ali Nayeri, Research Affiliate at MIT and Visiting Professor at the University of Florida


10/3/04: What Is at Stake? - about the 2004 Presidential Elections. Guest Speaker: Dr. Abbas Milani, Visiting Professor in Political Science Department and Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University


8/29/04: Is Iran America's New Whipping Boy? - about the US foreign policy toward Iran. Guest Speakers: Dr. Dariush Zahedi, Lecturer in the Political Science Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and Dr. Ali Ferdowsi, Chair of the History & Political Science Department at the Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont


6/27/04: Erosion of Civil Liberties for Iranians in post 9/11 America - Guest Speakers: Banafsheh Akhlaghi, Civil Rights Attorney, and Ross Mirkarimi, Assistant District Attorney, County and City of San Francisco and a candidate for County Supervisor of San Francisco