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BAIAD Immigration Ban Statement


After the first week of his administration, it has become evident that President Trump is following through on his campaign promise of implementing a ban on Muslims entering the United States and took the first steps on January 27 by executive order. The Bay Area Iranian American Democrats (BAIAD) strongly condemns the seven nation ban and harassment of refugees, visa holders and legal U.S. residents as reckless, irresponsible, and malicious political theater that undermines the credibility of our core American values.

The Iranian-American community shares the widely held belief in protecting the U.S. from the threat of terrorism. However, the president's measure disrupts and subverts the confidence of our immigration process and achieves nothing in protecting the nation from terror threats.

BAIAD stands in solidarity with of all those affected by the executive order and demands that its civic, party and state leaders condemn the president's order and demand its abolishment.

Sousan Manteghi-Safakish
BAIAD Interim President
E-Mail: sousan@eta-usa.com
Phone: 408-910-4516