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We are a grassroots political organization that stands for protecting the rights and interests of Iranian-Americans by empowering the Iranian-American political voice.

We promote progressive values such as social justice, responsibility and fairness through education, political participation, public and political advocacy, and grassroots activism.

Census 2020 video Guide in Farsi

ویدیو ی راهنمایی چگونگی شرکت در نظر سنجی ٢٠٢٠ آمریکا

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The City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Destination Home have announced that they have created a fund to assist our lowest income individuals with housing assistance.

So far the fund has $11 million collected from generous businesses to support those who make under 80% of the area median income which equates to $103,900 for a family of four.

The fund is to assist those who have a documented loss of income resulting from COVID-19 due to health, employment, or school/child care closures.

Residents can receive up to $4,000 throughout this emergency declaration.

Residents are encouraged to apply online over the phone or in person.

The website is Phone number is: 408-780-9134.

For in-person visit, please make an appointment by calling the hotline I just mentioned.

Who Is Eligible for Assistance?

To qualify for assistance, you must meet all 3 criteria outlined below:

1. You must be a resident of Santa Clara County

2. Your household income must be less than 80% of the average median income (AMI):

Size of Household

1 person $72,750

2 people $83,150

3 people $93,550

4 people $103,900

3. You must have a documented loss of income related to COVID-19 impacts due to health, employment, or school/child care closures

What will Eligible Households Receive?

Eligible households will receive direct financial assistance, based on documented loss of income as a result of COVID-19 impacts, up to a maximum of $4,000 of lost income per month.

Assistance may be requested once per month for the duration of the public health emergency, as long as the household continues to experience an economic impact and funds are available. Basic information and referral to area services will also be available for households.

How do I Apply?

Households will need to submit basic documentation to verify eligibility, including: ID, income verification, and documentation of the COVID-19 related loss of income.


If you have questions about how to complete this application, please call 408-780-9134 or email: or go to


Asistencia financiera para los residentes de bajos ingresos impactadas por COVID-19

El sistema de prevención de falta de viviendas en el Condado de Santa Clara proveerá asistencia financiera temporal a disposición de los residentes de bajos ingresos quienes han perdido ingreso y no pueden pagar el alquiler como resultado de los impactos relacionados con el COVID-19.

2020 Election Voter Guide in California - Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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BAIAD Endorsed Candidates:BAIAD officially endorses the following candidates:
- Nima Rahimi for San Francisco's Democratic Party leadership. - Dary Rezvani for congress, California’s 22nd Congressional District.

Detailed Voter Guides:
You can find nonpartisan election information after entering your address at
Official 2020 California Democratic Party Primary Endorsed Candidates:
Means for Democracy (Tools for Better Self-Governance):
San Jose Mercury:
San Francisco Chronicle:
A breakdown of San Francisco’s March ballot measures by SF Chronicle:
Sacramento Bee
California Progressive Endorsements:

PAST Event:

An Announcement from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Voted YES on the No War Against Iran Act

President Trump’s assassination of General Soleimani has placed U.S. service members, diplomats, embassies, and allied interests around the world at high risk, and has brought the U.S. and Iran to the brink of war. To add insult to injury, the President failed to properly consult Congress or seek the legal authority to take military action against Iran. The Administration has also failed to fully explain what, exactly, the imminent threat was to the U.S. that required the strike. No Member of Congress carries a brief for General Soleimani or the Iranian government, but no President has the unilateral authority to take our nation to war without authorization from Congress.

The No War Against Iran Act underscores that Congress has not authorized the use of military force against Iran. It also prohibits federal funding for any use of military force in or against Iran unless Congress has declared war or enacted a specific authorization that meets the requirements of the War Powers Resolution. I’ve long had concerns about the Trump Administration’s provocative behavior toward Iran, beginning with the President tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement, and it’s why I introduced the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act last April. My bill restricts this Administration and any future administrations from using any funds appropriated by Congress to take military action in and against Iran without authorization from Congress.


BAIAD endorses Nima Rahimi's candidacy for San Francisco’s Democratic Party leadership:

Nima Rahimi

Today BAIAD voted to endorse Mr. Nima Rahimi's candidacy for San Francisco’s Democratic Party leadership ( SF DCCC) representing Assembly District 17. Mr. Rabimi's grasp of the local & state issues impressed upon BAIADs’ members as he brings new energy and vision to the San Francisco Democratic Party and will be a strong voice for Iranian Americans.

Votes were cast via email from Jan. 23rd through the 28th, 2020.

BAIAD is a grassroots political organization that stands for protecting the rights and interests of the Iranian Americans by empowering the Iranian-American voices. BAIAD seeks to promote progressive values such as social justice, responsibility and justice through education, political participation, public and political advocacy, and political activism.

how to register To Vote:

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